How to apply

To apply, the applicants must submit a research proposal, including their CV and other documentation to the online platform from UGR’s Vice-Rectorate for Research and Knowledge Transfer. Proposals are submitted in reply to a call for proposals.

The applicants must submit the following documents:

  1. Form A (in English). Administrative application form fully completed. It will contain personal details such as elapsed years from the doctorate, years living in a different country from Spain, family information, etc. 

  2. Form B  (in English). Scientific Project Proposal, including the Ethics table duly completed. The templates for this section may be downloaded from the Reference Documents section.

  3. Additional documents. This part includes the following documentation:

  1. Curriculum Vitae in Europe Pass template (annexing a description of the candidate’s Early Achievements up to 2 pages max.) (in English).

  2. Copy of the doctoral degree (the original certificate will be required during the selection process).

  3. Required document(s) to justify the time elapsed since the doctorate (if applicable).
  4. Certificate of contract/residence/enrollment/long stays outside Spain to justify the mobility rule (in English).

  5. Letter(s) of reference  (in English).

  6. Ethics Self-Assessment, if applicable  (in English).

  7. Letter of Commitment from the UGR supervisor (in English).

  8. Letter of Commitment from the Outgoing Phase Organisation supervisor, if applicable (in English).

  9. Letter of Commitment from the Secondment Organisation supervisor, if applicable (in English).

Please make sure that all the requested information is included in the application, and that the requested files are uploaded before submitting the application.

Minimum requirements for the letters of commitment:

  • heading or stamp from the institution;
  • up-to-date (must not be dated prior to the publication of the call);
  • supervisor signature;
  • the text must demonstrate the will to actively participate in the (identified) proposed action and the precise role of the researcher.

Please note that a template for these letters is provided in the Reference Documents Section.