Financial conditions

The following table below shows the fixed monthly amounts. Please notice that these are gross contribution. The net salary results from deducting all compulsory (employer/employee) social security contributions as well as direct taxes (e.g. income tax) from the gross amounts. Additionally, the remunerations may vary annually depending on the Social Security rates. The rate indicated above is for researchers devoting themselves to the action on a full-time basis.

Living allowance


Mobility allowance


Family allowance* (if applicable)


Child allowance* (if applicable)


Research/ Training costs


Secondment** (if applicable)


*The familiar status of the researcher will be determined at the date of the call deadline. The UGR will provide an inclusive environment for children, encouraging researches with families to come to the UGR with additional expenses (family and child allowance). Notice that the amount received from child allowance will not vary depending on the number of children. 

**The secondment cost will be paid to the fellow only during the months of the secondment.